Foosball Pull Kick Shot


Foosball pull kick shot can be called as the advanced version of the popular pull shot. However, that also means that it’s more effective and powerful.

So without further ado, let’s dive straight into learning how exactly to go about executing this shot.

An overview

As mentioned earlier, the pull kick shot is quite similar to the pull shot. However, the only major difference is that you need to keep moving the ball between your offensive men before finally taking the shot.

Usually, players tend to pass the ball from the far offensive man to the middle one, and use it to take the goal. However, you can actually also pass the ball from your middle offensive man to any of the other two offensive men and take a goal using them.

It’s also probably worth mentioning that this shot requires a little more control and practice than the traditional pull shot. The difficulty level is Novice, 2 out of 5 foosballs.

Setting up the pull kick shot

One of the major aspects of this shot involves passing the ball between the three offensive men. However, it isn’t really easy to do without losing control of the ball, and hence you may need to spend quite a bit of time trying to master it.

Once you do, however, it will give you the speed advantage as well as make it difficult for your opponent to defend the shot.

Taking the shot

It’s recommended to roll your wrist while trying to take the shot. Once you’re done passing the ball between your offensive men for a bit, you can roll your wrist upwards to take the shot. This helps increase the speed and have more control over the shot.

Choosing the ideal spot

If you observe closely, you will find that the goal actually has 5 spots for the ball to go through. Now, as your opponent would be having just two defensive men, they may be able to guard 2 of the 5 spots you can use to score a goal. So, you should obviously aim for choosing one of the other 3 spots, which your opponent may not be guarding at the time of taking the shot.

What’s the advantage?

One of the biggest advantages of using this shot is that it allows you to surprise your opponent. You can quickly turn your move of passing the ball between your offensive men to taking a shot using one of them.

However, make sure you don’t try to aim for the same spot over and over again, especially if you will be playing with the same opponent frequently. It will help them get used to your playing style, and hence make them better at defending your shots.

Here is a video on how to do a pull kick shot:

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