Foosball Pull Shot


The pull shot is probably one of the most popular and powerful foosball shots. Surprisingly, however, despite it being one of the best foosball shots, it isn’t very difficult to master.

That said, we will quickly go over some of the important things you need to know about and learn while trying to execute a foosball pull shot.

An overview

This shot involves using your 3 offensive men that are supposed to be as near as they can be to your side of the goal, and using the middle offensive men to take the shot. You need to move the rod towards yourself and make the middle offensive men hit the ball at your end of the goal, which should be nearest to it.

As far as the difficult level of this shot is concerned, it’s just beginner, 1 out of 5 foosballs, meaning that it’s fairly easy.

Setting up the shot

Now although the shot itself may be quite easy, setting it up may seem a little challenging until you really get used to it. Before you go deeper into learning how to set up the shot, however, you need to ensure that you are well versed with the basics of the game. This is due to the fact that apparently, they are extremely important to master this shot.

Coming to setting up the shot, it’s recommended to have the ball as close to your middle offensive men’s toes as possible, and just under the bar. Similarly, the man supposed to hit it is supposed to be in a straight up and down position as opposed to tilting a little. Tiling the man may result in a spray shot, which isn’t considered to be a good shot in the long run as it may turn out to be highly inaccurate at times.

Taking the pull shot

Although some players may want to grip the handle tightly, it’s usually recommended to grip it a little loosely. Doing so may make it difficult to get used to the shot initially, but over a period of time, will give you the speed advantage and limit the resistance.
Also, the man hitting the ball is supposed to move at a 180 degree angle. Anything less than that and it may lack the speed needed to go through your opponent’s defensive men.

Observing your opponent

Learning about the defending style of your opponents also helps. Some may keep moving in the same way regardless of how you move your men. Some others, on the other hand, may wait for you to make a move. Similarly, some may leave the middle spot of their goal open.
Learning about what exactly is your opponent’s defending style may go a long way in ensuring that you have a higher accuracy of your pull shot while playing against them.

Here is a video how to do a pull shot:

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