Foosball Push Kick Shot



Foosball push kick shot is pretty much the exact opposite of the pull kick shot, which involves pulling the rod towards your side of the table and passing the ball from your far offensive man to your middle one and taking a shot.

A push kick shot, as you might have guessed, requires the player to push the rod away from themselves, move the ball back and forth between the 3 bar offensive men, and finally pass it to the middle offensive man for taking the shot on your foosball coffee table.

An overview

The difficulty of the push kick shot is Novice, 2 out of 5 foosballs. Many foosball players seem to prefer the pull and pull kick shots over the push and push kick ones, simply because the former are considered to be more effective due to their quickness and ease of executing.

Also, just like the push shot, the push kick shot isn’t recommended to be your main shot as well. However, you take use it to take your opponent by surprise and sometimes combine with other shots to score a goal.

Setting up the shot

To set up an effective push kick shot, you need to pass the ball back and forth between your 3 bar offensive men. While trying to take the shot, you need to pass the ball from the offensive man closest to you to the middle offensive man and kick the ball in the goal using it.

Gripping the handle

As with some other similar shots, many players would end up gripping the handle a bit too hard while taking such shots. However, it’s recommended to keep a little loose grip over the handle, and roll your wrist upward while taking the shot. It gives you a speed advantage and makes the shot much more effective.

Sure, it does take quite a bit of practice, but when you manage to master the shot, it turns out to be pretty useful at times and helps you score a goal out of nowhere.

Developing the mental strength

As covered in other posts, it’s also important to develop the required mental skills to pick the right spot while taking the shot. For instance, there are actually 6 spots you can choose from while taking a kick shot, regardless of whether it’s a pull or a push one.

Now, if you closely observe the way your opponent is moving their defensive men, you may be able to pick the ideal spot to take the shot and increase your chances significantly of scoring a goal.

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