Foosball Snake Shot

foosball snake shotThe rollover or snake shot is a little advanced shot used to score a goal using the middle offensive man on the 3 bar. The ball is initially rotated between the three offensive men, and eventually passed towards the middle offensive man. The middle offensive man is then made to move slightly to its left and right, before pinning the ball in a forward position.

The player is then supposed to use an open hand, while using their wrist to move the player and control the ball. Then, finally, after deciding the spot they will be aiming for, they need to roll their wrist over the handle to strike the goal.

How difficult a snake shot is?

Well, the above given information was just an overview of how to snake shot. There’s actually a lot more to it.

Although the shot itself isn’t very difficult, setting it up definitely is. In fact, it’s believed that the snake shot is the most difficult shot to set up after the aerial shot. The shot difficulty is rated as Novice, 4 out of 5 foosballs.

Setting up a snake shot

As mentioned above, setting up a snake shot is quite challenging. It has a steep learning curve and depending on how experienced you are, may need quite a lot of practice.
The concept of this shot revolves around using your middle offensive man on the 3 bar to pin the ball against the table. However, the effort that goes into achieving this position is what makes it so challenging.

You would need to use your outside offensive man to push the ball towards your middle offensive man. You then need to make your middle offensive man tilt a little backward before the ball reaches it. The reason you need to do this is because it allows you to come around on the ball so that it hits your middle offensive man on the corner of the toe.

This eventually allows you to pin the ball against the soccer table using your middle offensive man, putting him in the perfect position for the snake shot.

However, before shooting the ball towards the goal, players usually rotate the ball between their three offensive men on the 3 bar. This allows you to create confusion for your opponent so that it gets even more difficult for them to defend.

A final word

The snake shot is definitely quite a difficult shot to set up. However, it’s equally rewarding too, as there’s not much the opponent can do to defend it. They would have to pick the spots to defend and depend on their luck for making you choose one of those spots to strike the goal.

Below you find a video which demonstrate the snake shot:

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