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2nd Amendment Rights

June 27th 2008 04:02
Nobody really supports the 2nd Amendment anymore, believe you me, I mean nobody. The much hyped 'right to bear arms' has been reduced to a novelty for gun toting bible bashing fools or liberals who think they're all 'civil liberties'.

They usually talk about needing it for self defense against criminals though there is nothing in the 2nd Amendment about self defense against criminals as people hype. Not since its inception has the 2nd Amendment been about defending oneself from criminals.

Now you may be outraged, perhaps you're clinging onto your semi-automatic yelling 'don't take away my civil liberties you prick!' Well the truth is, I believe in the 2nd Amendment more than you do, why is that you may ask? Well let's go to the inception of it all, it started so that people in any given state could defend themselves from the federal government by force should it have ever come to that.

The reasoning here was simple, back then the US military consisted of a bunch of ill trained 'soldiers' armed with guns that took the better part of an hour to reload, it wasn't so Hollywood to think that another bunch of untrained people with guns could defend themselves against this ‘army’.

But times have changed, the US military is no longer full of ill trained soldiers, the guns no longer take an insanely long time to reload and here's the real kicker: The US military has access to weapons no civilian is allowed to own.

How about that? A complete violation of 2nd Amendment Rights! It says 'right to bear arms' it makes absolutely no distinction between big guns and little guns, arms are arms, anything the US government has should be made available to every freedom loving American on the free market!

What do you think people hold on to guns for? Some misguided desire for ‘liberties’? NO! They want to protect themselves against an oppressive government! How can they do that when the government has tanks and missiles and helicopter gun ships and god knows what else? The National Guard? Peh.

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Comment by SemiAnonyGunOwner

June 27th 2008 18:55
That's right, the second amendment was written to ensure the citizens could arm themselves to overthrow repressive governments. Like our current Federal gov't with the so-called "Patriot" Act, FISA etc.

And don't let the tanks etc fool you - who won in Vietnam against tanks, planes etc? Or in Afghanistan when the Soviets invaded? Or is in actuality winning in Iraq right now? The locals with their peashooters.

When they come for you, don't say you weren't warned....

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