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Would We Have Allowed Nazi Germany To Host the Olympics???

April 19th 2008 03:01
A very deep and meaningful question asked by a very intelligent protestor.

Clearly the Nazi's staged the Olympics, like the holocaust it never actually happened.

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Comment by RubySoho

April 19th 2008 15:47
Sorry Ahmed but I have to call you on this. Remember your "spot the idiot" post? Like The Sun, you are casting dispertions on the intelligence of the signwriter and in the process overlooking their actual statement.

I hate Nazi references as much as the next guy (or gal), and yes, that particular protester has obviously never heard of Leni Riefenstahl, but that really isn't the point of the protest.

Comment by Ahmed

April 19th 2008 15:55
A protestor should know just what he/she is protesting, a lack of knowledge on the subject matter waters down your cause and shows your protest gains power from knee jerk reactions rather than sense and reasoning.

This isn't about a fundamental limitation of the protestor but rather about a lack of understanding on his/her behalf caused by a delibrate desire to shock without fact checking. Much like Bill O'Reilly distoring facts through either willfull or passive ignorance, what the protestor is doing should not be endorsed by anyone regardless of the original intent.

The protestor is not misrepresenting history because he/she cannot have access to what happened, the protestor is carelessly throwing around one liners hoping they are true. Even a good cause is a lost cause when the people fighting for it don't understand the basic facts.

Comment by RubySoho

April 19th 2008 16:05
Yes, but the fact that Nazi Germany did host the Olympics does not really undermine the validity of this protest i.e China is not worthy of the honour. Yes, the protestor looks dumb but that's not really the point. What the sign is really asking is, 'why are we rewarding cruelty'?

Comment by Ahmed

April 19th 2008 16:19
I'm pretty sure the protestor is doing a better job demonstrating his/her lack of knowledge than making an important point about China's humanrights abuses.

Comment by RubySoho

April 19th 2008 16:22
True, but his/her intentions are honourable, even if the execution is poor.

Comment by RubySoho

April 19th 2008 16:23
By the way, how do you manage to keep so many blogs going?

Sometimes I think one is too many.

Comment by Ahmed

April 19th 2008 16:29
This wasn't about the protestor having noble intent, this was about what a knee jerk reaction will do for your cause.

I don't care if he had a sign up saying 'death to all non-christians' or 'boycott the olympics'. A showing of poor education is just that.

and I dunno, I don't think I manage to keep them all going at a pace I'd like.

Comment by Anonymous

April 21st 2008 16:01
Actually, given the attention-getting nature of the sign and the clear link it establishes between China and the Nazi regime, I wouldn't be surprised to learn that the sign was an intentional and brilliant piece of media manipulation.

Comment by Ahmed

April 21st 2008 16:05
Because we are totally better than the likes of Fox News which just love to reinterpret history to get knee jerk reactions.

Comment by Anonymous

April 29th 2008 17:06
And the nazis did a great job on hosting the olympics! SIEG HEIL!

Comment by Contemptuous Waster of Time

August 4th 2008 00:19
Could someone real like smart and good at words and whatnot please explain what the phrase "casting dispertions" means?

Comment by Anonymous

August 24th 2009 21:37
Actually, I thought the Nazis didn't come to power until 2 years later, even though Hitler was an important person by the time of the Olympics in Berlin. If that's the case, then Nazi Germany didn't actually host the Olympics. I could, of course, be wrong.

Comment by Anonymous

September 17th 2009 13:01
You are wrong.

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Graveyard post, sure, but that crap can't be left hanging.

Comment by Anonymous

August 2nd 2011 20:55
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